Russian Academy of Science

Institute of the socio-economic research

J. Zaitseva

Input-Output tables of Russia: 

transition from MPS to SNA

St-Petersburg, 1999

J. Zaitseva. Input-Output tables: transition from MPS to SNA.  1999,- 153 pp.

Scientific editor: A.G. Granberg, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science

             The author examines the methodological questions of transition from methodology of System of Material Product balances (MPS) to methodology of System of National Accounts (SNA) at construction of Input-Output (I-O) tables of Russia; the brief characteristic of history of elaboration and comparison of Input-Output tables of USSR (Russia), USA, Japan, France, China is provided. 

            The book is intended for the specialists in the field of statistics and macroeconomic analysis, lecturers of high schools, students and post-graduates of economics.

ã J. Zaitseva, 1999

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